Thank You - My Birthday Wish

This year, thanks to a group of friends, my birthday wish has once again come true. For my 28th birthday, I asked you to help me feed and bring to school 70 children between the ages of 3 and 6. With friends' help, I raised 1790 Euros, which net of paypal…Read More

My Birthday Wish

Dear Friends I am now in sunny Lisbon, after a race through London flat hunting and a month living my "other" love in Mozambique. I am happy to be finally back in Europe and looking forward to a new life in London in 2 weeks. Today is my 28th birthday and as…Read More

What money can buy

Every little gesture counts: 150 Euros = livelihood of a senior citizen in a rural area for a year 1.500 Euros = one bedroom “hut” fully equipped for a 6 person family 10.000 Euros = construction of a technical education center for HIV/ AIDS orphans, ages…Read More

Sponsor a child now!

The Sponsorship program of the Organization Um Pequeno Gesto connects a Mozambican child to a Portuguese speaking sponsor (called “godmother” or “godfather”). The financial aid funds expenses with education, food, clothing, transportation, medication and…Read More

A New Cause

So I am getting all these invites for facebook causes. And I thought, well should I not show what I stand for too? So here it is, my own NGO cause. Because each one of us can make a difference. A great one!
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