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Crack down on campus sexual assualt

Colleges and universities accountable when they fail to treat survivors of sexual assault with dignity and justice.

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    Equality at a higher frequency! We are an online community of women and men fighting sexism and…Read More

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As Senator Kirsten Gillibrand stated: "The price of a college education should not include a one in five chance of being sexually…Read More

Senators present new campus sexual assault legislation | Al Jazeera America

A bipartisan group of senators introduced legislation Wednesday aimed at increasing transparency and providing more uniform standards for how college campuses deal with sexual violence, a move that comes as a growing number of U.S. college students file federal complaints alleging their schools mishandled their sexual assault cases. A group of…Read More
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The Huffington Post covered our campaign!

Pressure Mounts For Influential College Rankings Publisher Over Campus Rape

The Huffington Post
Activist group UltraViolet is ramping up pressure on The Princeton Review, a company that publishes an influential ranking of colleges, to survey students about how schools handle sexual violence on campus. UltraViolet is rolling out online advertisements on Friday that will be featured on Facebook and other social media, showing up for users…Read More