Sea-Crop For Your Nutrient-Enhanced Garden This Year

Dear Gardening Friends, Here on Facebook we join all kinds of causes that don't require us to do a thing but have our names displayed. Sometimes we donate to a good cause. But most times its just a virtual exercise in cyberspace. The Citizens for High-Yield…Read More

HR 875 The Food Safety Moderization Act of 2009

IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP AMERICA! I've just received two emails about this today. Have I heard about it before? Yes. There have been rumblings for years. In fact, if I understand correctly, this legislation is simply a domestic version of the international Codex…Read More

Answered Questions

I received this email today. Besides this email and a couple of other interests, we have a farmer who farms 1500 acres who has been convinced to buy 500 gallons of Sea-Crop. Perhaps you would like to experience the benefits of Sea-Crop this season too. If…Read More

How To Prosper In Tough Economic Times

Lower Cost of Living – In difficult times, one of the best ways to reduce your cost of living is growing your own food. In WWII 1940’s, America’s 20 Million “Victory Gardens” produced the same amount of food as the entire commercial farming industry! A…Read More

May We Earn Your Business?

Dear gardening Friends, Thank you for joining the Ultra-Organic Cause! If you haven't downloaded the New Bionomic Grower eBook yet, we encourage you to do so. You'll find it on the Media Board near the bottom of the Cause's home page. You can check out the…Read More

We're Ready to Roll!

Hello Friends! WWW.ULTRA-ORGANIC.COM is live and all set up to start accepting CSAS members who want Ultra-Organic results this year with the help of Sea-Crop and the valuable free info we are giving away. You'll notice that we are using the Sea-Crop brand…Read More

Extra Discounts For Our Best Recruiters

Hello my gardening friends! I posted part of this yesterday, but I realized some of it wasn't so clear. So here is the offer expressed a bit better: Your friendly Ultra-Organic Community Supported Agricultural Services (CSAS) is preparing for launch! As…Read More
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