UKAF supports the DH Autism Consultation 'Implementing Fulfilling and Rewarding Lives'

The UK Autism Foundation is supporting the Department of Health's Consultation 'Implementing Fulfilling and Rewarding Lives.' We hope that parents, carers and the Autism Community will respond to this consultation. Ivan Corea of UKAF said: ' I welcome this…Read More

Please support Oliver-Sloane Sloboda running in the Berlin 2010 Marathon for UKAF

Please support Oliver Sloane-Sloboda who is fundraising for the UK Autism Foundation and is running in the Berlin 2010 Marathon. You can donate through Oliver's Fundraising page on JUST GIVING. Please support Oliver's…Read More

Please sign the ACT NOW Petition launched by UK Autism Campaigners regarding the Cuts

I am writing to all members of the UK Autism Foundation's Cause Page. UKAF has co-founded a new autism coalition and partnership AUTISM CAMPAIGNERS TOGETHER with leading campaigners Anna Kennedy, Carole Rutherford, Richard Exley, Sandy Howarth and Larry…Read More

Please support UKAF's new 'Keep The Promise' Autism Awareness Campaign

The UK Autism Foundation is issuing a call to all supporters to back the Foundation's new 'Keep The Promise' Autism Awareness Campaign that we are launching. We first started the Autism Awareness Campaign in 2000 but we feel that there is a great deal of…Read More

UK Autism: UKAF calls on Prime Minister Cameron to help the Poor

The UK Autism Foundation has called on Britain's new Prime Minister to help poor families with autism and Asperger's Syndrome. David Cameron swept into 10 Downing Street yesterday leading a Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition Government. This is the…Read More

UKAF calls on the next PM to introduce fair policies for parents, carers & the Autism Community

Britain goes to the polls in the 2010 General Election on the 6th of May. The very next day a new Prime Minister will be in Number 10 Downing Street. The UK Autism Foundation has called on the next premier to introduce fairer policies on autism and reach out…Read More

The Economic Impact Of Autism And The BBC Prime Ministerial Debate

The final Prime Ministerial Debate in the United Kingdom, takes place this Thursday, on the 29th of April. The Leaders’ TV debate is hosted by BBC One and moderated by David Dimbleby. For the third and final occasion of these historic 2010 General Election…Read More
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