Ubud stills needs the necessary Road Regulations to limit Vehicle Size onto Central Ubud Roads

For the updates regarding our campaign, Ubud Tolak Bis Besar, please LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE, Protect Ubud from Big Busses: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Protect-Ubud-from-Big-Busses/155603547785651?fref=ts and also JOIN the Ubud Traffic Forum FACEBOOK…Read More

Please help us get Ubud out of gridlock.

The small local roads of Ubud are being overwhelmed by Big Buses.  These 24 to 50 seat buses were designed for cross-country touring, not for maneuvering narrow village roads.  They are a health and safety nightmare.   They cause choking traffic jams as they…Read More

Please tell your friends to join us on our Cause to Protect Ubud from Big Busses

Protect Ubud! Stop the Big Busses has a Membership of over 1,000. The government newly decided on curbside parking limitations; full details of these new regulations will be communicated to the public by the government and enforced by traffic police in the…Read More

Protect Ubud! Stop the Big Busses has gathered a Membership of over 1,000.

WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT THE BIG BUSES? Next week we will meet with government and invite them to review your comments on our Cause page with us. PHOTOGRAPHS SPEAK ALL LANGUAGES! Please use your camera to tell your story. Take documentation photos while you are…Read More

UPDATE 06 September 2010.

Membership to this Cause has surpassed 1000 in less than 6 weeks after creation. We still need more members and your help to invite your friends to JOIN. The government newly decided on curbside parking limitations in Ubud; full details of these new…Read More

Thanks to you, our cause to fight Big Busses is growing!

In less than one month, we have grown from one to nearly 700 supporters of our cause "Protect Ubud, Say no to Big Busses." We have gained alliances and there is a related group distributing stickers with the anti-Big Bus graphic as well. These are free and…Read More

UPDATE 21st September 2010

UPDATE 21st September 2010: Donna began this Cause about a month ago and we now have 451 members. The reason for this Cause is to be supportive of the government as they look for solutions for the traffic and pollution caused by tour buses. And our thumbs are…Read More
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