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Stories from the field

Hi Turtle Foundation supporters, If you've volunteered with Turtle Foundation's Cape Verde project, or you've gone swimming with turtles, or you've watched a female turtle nest, or hatchlings swim to the sea, or you wish you could do any of the above, I'd…Read More

New website design, and meet our staff on Boavista for 2012 nesting season

We've launched our new website, and it's not only beautiful, but more user friendly and easier to navigate. Please look at our new site and give us some feedback on how we're doing. www.turtle-foundation.org The 2012 nesting season is about to start, and we…Read More

Illegally collected eggs confiscated by police in Berau

An update from Dr. Hiltrud Cordes and Dr. Thomas Reischig of Turtle Foundation, currently in Berau: Greetings from Berau! Here comes an interesting story: Yesterday we were informed, that the police confiscated a big amount of turtle eggs and handed it…Read More

Thank you for the birthday wish, Doug!

Doug Lemon, also known as artist Doug Limón, posted a birthday wish for donations to Turtle Foundation. Thanks to Doug and his family for their support, and check out his amazing turtle art.

Happy Holidays from Turtle Foundation

We want to wish our supporters & friends a wonderful holiday season and happy 2012 full of joy & turtles. Thanks to everyone who contributed to our successful projects in Indonesia and Cape Verde this year. We couldn't do it without you! If you…Read More

Lynnette Miller, a Peace Corps volunteer, visits Turtle Foundation's educational camp.

Trading english classrooms for a turtle camp From Lynnette Miller, The first time I saw a turtle lay eggs was a magical night for me. Lying silently, breathlessly behind the turtle, watching this intimate process on the beautiful beach at Lacacao camp. I…Read More

Turtle Foundation's blog

Hi everyone, Have you seen our blog yet? The most recent post is a brief story by Jake Woodier about his experiences as a volunteer with our project on Boavista, Cape Verde. We'd love for you to read it, and to become a follower of our blog. And please feel…Read More
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