Truckers Against Trafficking

OUTSTANDING work being done by truckers against trafficking.. Check out their website and their new training video.

10 things you can do to fight human trafficking

great ideas

Shadow art

Darrell MacLearn just posted a video to your cause, TSTOP - Texas Sex Trafficking Obliteration Project ( join the fight and lets end human trafficking. Thanks, Darrell MacLearn V5m Not For Sale: End Human…Read More

Discussion question

I have posted a question at the TSTOP cause discussion board that I would love your opinion on... the question: Who is more guilty, the seller of people or the buyer of people or is the weight of guilt equal? Please give us your thoughts. don't forget to…Read More

Playground Video clip

I just posted a video clip at the TSTOP cause site from the Playground project dealing with human trafficking in America. I would encourage you to watch it and then invite your friends to do so as well. The more awareness there is the more impact we are…Read More

David Batstone - Not For Sale Video

Greetings partners in the fight against trafficking. I just posted a video at of David Batstone the founder of Not For Sale with Katie Couric. It is a great 11 minute video interview describing the problem, and some ways to get involved…Read More

What would you like to see or know?

Well we are almost at 500 members! I celebrate you! Thank you for spreading the word. Every member makes a difference simply by joining. THANK YOU! It is the power of the network. Now let me ask you... What information would you like to see or know? what…Read More
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