What will take to create an AIDS-free generation?

TruthAids is soliciting feedback from our supporters in the community to help us crowd source ideas for creating an AIDS-free generation. We have one question for you: What is the one thing you think well help us usher in an AIDS-free generation? Send us…Read More

National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

March 10th is National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is around the corner. What are you doing to get involved? What about celebrating it a couple of days early to honor International Women's Day which is March 8? March is the month to get involved…Read More

World AIDS Day is Everday

It's that time of year again. What are you doing for World AIDS Day? Here are some options: 1.Check out some articles in the…Read More

Please join the TruthAIDS Fan Page

Hello all, My tour of duty as a White House Fellow is over and I am back on TruthAIDS. 2011 has many great things ahead including our first project in Ethiopia. Please join the TruthAIDS Fan Page to stay up to date (…Read More


We have started a new film project in Ethiopia entitled Oblivion which is about a legal precedent setting case regarding girl child marriage. Check www.truthaids.org for updates.

Be Girls!!

Hello all, For the past four weeks, 6 young women ages 14-17 have been participating in the first Be Girls Camp, at Salome Uribe High School in Washington Heights. The camp has been led by Dr. Manel Silva, an Adolescent Medicine Physician and TruthAIDS…Read More

Free documentary on-line

Hello all, The connections between social issues and health are profound! Mental health is an important connection. Check out the PBS Frontline documentary for free to learn about how the U.S. jail system has become the new asylum for mental health…Read More
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