Part 1 Long Over due

Hey all! I know I have been due for an update for awhile now. It’s been a crazy busy year… It’s been 15 months since Trey’s stroke and I can honestly say I am just coming out of the fog that has consumed me for the last year. I really don’t remember much of…Read More

Part 3 Long Overdue

We had all his scans again back in April and they told us they came back clear. Well they were wrong. The doctor called us about 2 weeks after the scans and told us that his lymph nodes in his groin looked off. It could be cancer or it could be nothing. We…Read More

Part 2 Long Overdue

After Christmas we had to head up to NYC for a full set of scans. Yes, ugggg….At the time I hated NYC. All I could think about was the last time we were there and what Trey had to endure. I felt like I had a brief love affair with NYC and it was over now and…Read More

Update and in need of a big favor

I know I owe you all a very long update and I promise to update this week:) First I hope everyone is having a happy holiday:) So far, so good on our end. Right now we are in NYC waiting to be injected with the radioactive stuff for the MIBG scans. Tomorrow we…Read More

Thank you:)))

Thank you so much for all of you who are trying to get us to times square. I figured I would just post the info bc we have had a lot of people ask. You can call mike or I. 484-636-8794, me, 484-636-8786 for mike. Trey will always be listed as terminal no…Read More

A relfection of the past year's minefields

Hey! I promised a long update so here it is. The last few months have been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. I feel like I am in a warzone and walking through a minefield. Every step I take feels like I am about to step on a mine. Then when I actually do…Read More

Spread the word!!!

Please share this Treys fb:) We need awareness and a CURE!!!!
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