World Toilet Day is less than a week away...Don't forget to squat!

World Toilet Day (19th November) is less than a week away! It's toilets' BIG day Take part in the global movement to raise awareness to the plight of 2.5 billion people without access to sanitation. Find an event in your area:…Read More

Squat, pose and post for World Toilet Day

Hello Toileteers, Upload your photos for the BIG squat to our Flickr group[email protected]/. Take photos of you and your friends squatting in creative ways to encourage more people to join us. Remember, the more people squatting…Read More

Join the BIG Squat on World Toilet Day!

2.5 billion people do this everyday...join the movement and squat for them SQUAT : a pose that 2.5 billion people do everyday due to lack of proper sanitation. Join people around the world in raising awareness to their plight by SQUATTING in public for ONE…Read More

The Big Squat: A Movement for the Toilet-less

WTO is stepping out to the streets for the first time! Join us in raising awareness for the 2.5 billion people without toilets. They don’t have a toilet – they squat in public. Show your support by squatting with us in public for 1 minute BYOTP (“bring…Read More

The Big T: Teeing off for Singapore's Hygiene

The challenge of maintaining Singapore’s health falls on an unsung army of dedicated men and women who clean our public toilets. The World Toilet Organization is committed to helping them upgrade their skills to provide better maintenance, cleanliness, and…Read More

Let's Talk Toilets about to hit 1000 mark!

Hello Fellow Toileteers! Good news! We're about to reach our 1000 mark! With more than a week to go, we can make this happen. To make participation in this campaign easier, just choose your bubble and send your photos to [email protected] or…Read More

Voice your concerns about Sanitation to UN/the World! Hi people!! We need your help, rather your PHOTO Our campaign needs more support and photos that are from around the world showing that they are wiling to pose next to these bubbles and voice their thoughts on…Read More
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