Cause: Time to end Cannabis/Hemp prohibition...

Wow! I had not checked on this cause in well over a year and what a surprise to see over 1000+ members when I "stopped by" this morning! It sends a short yet clear message of just what we the people want: "FREEDOM" as was given to us by the "Constitution".…Read More

"Kentucky Marijuana Activists"! We are anti-prohibitionists !

First we are anti-prohibitionists. But the war we are focusing most on at this time is the Cannabis/Hemp war. As far as Cannabis is concerned there are so many thousands of truly sick people who would definitely benefit from a "medical grade of Cannabis"…Read More

Thanks to all!

Many thanks to all of those who are joining in to say "It's time to end Cannabis/Hemp Prohibition"..... PLEASE feel free to post to this site as much as you want and forward as far as we can. Again, Thank You Sheree

Facebook Cause: Time to end cannabis/hemp prohibition

I am in progress of updating this site. Any useful links would be appreciated. You can send them to me via facebook or [email protected] Please check out the cause in a few days to see new updates.
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