Pledge Not to Text and Drive

Calling all bikers! Help keep the road safe for all of us. Please sign the Pledge to Not Text and Drive and share it with your friends who drive!

Pledge Not to Text and Drive

As a member of "THINK! Watch out for Motorcycles!", you know the risks of riding. Today we, along with an incredible nonprofit called NOYS, National Organizations for Youth Safety, are coming to you, asking that you help us spread the word about the dangers…Read More

Stay safe for Christmas

Hi everybody, Whilst its true I have been actively contributing to the ongoing happenings of this cause in recent times, everything it stands for sits in my mind every day. Being a biker and having many biker friends, it truly is fantastic to see we have such…Read More

Almost at 9,000

Wow, you're amazing! 8,874 people have signed the pledge already. If you haven't yet, please take a second to take the pledge now or share it with the drivers you know and love:

Are you scared?

Have you ever been scared on the road after seeing a driver texting and driving next to you? Me too. 15,000 of you have already taken the pledge not to text and drive to encourage drivers to stop this deadly habit. If you haven't yet - now's the time. It…Read More

New Administrators

Hi folks, I would again like to thank all those who contacted me in regards to wanting to help out this cause by becoming an administrator. It is very much appreciated, and heart warming that so many of you want to be involved. I would like to announce that…Read More

Administrator applications

I would like to thank everybody who contacted me wanting to help out as cause administrators. I am now not taking any more applications, as I have already received a large amount. I will be contacting those who have shown an interest and will be making a…Read More
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