Ask your candidates their position on low incomes

Most of the candidates who will be looking for our votes on the 25th are now declared. Make sure that you vote for a candidate who is committed to - reversing the cut in the minimum wage - making no further cuts in social welfare rates - protecting other low…Read More

Day of Shame as the cut the Minimum Wage

The €1/hour cut in the Minimum Wage comes into force tomorrow 1st February. The Poor Can't Pay are joining with other organisations to mark the 'Day of Shame'. The event kicks off at 10.30am at the Dáil. The names of all TDs who voted for the cut will be…Read More

Add your voice to the protest against cuts in welfare and the minimum wage

So the budget was just as bad as all the media leaks suggested. At least for the low paid, people with disabilities or those who have already lost their jobs. For the wealthy there was better news: no wealth tax, no tax on very high incomes; and certainly no…Read More

Come and march behind 'The Poor Can't Pay' Banner

Join the 'The Poor Can't Pay' banner at tomorrow's demonstration! The Poor Can't Pay will be supporting the Demonstration tomorrow to highlight opposition to the proposed €1/hour cut in the minimum wage and the planned slashing of social welfare…Read More

(no subject)

Can't imagine that many supporters of 'The Poor Can't Pay' are very excited by the discussion of a 'national government' for the next four years. But what if the 'framework for the next four budgets' included a commitment not to make further cuts to the…Read More

See if we can hit 1,000 e-mails to TDs by midnight - less than 200 to go

Over 800 e-mail have been sent to TDs/Senators since we launched the new phase of our campaign just this morning. See if we can make it 1,000 by midnight. We are calling on everyone who supports the objectives of 'The Poor Can't Pay' to e-mail their…Read More

Ask your TD to join the 'make a commitment' campaign

'The Poor Can't Pay' has launched phase two of the 'make a commitment' campaign. We are asking supporters of the campaign to e-mail their local TD/Senator to ask them to 'make a personal commitment to do everything in their power to prevent further cutbacks…Read More
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