Did you know?

Did you know that over 20,000 images of child pornography are uploaded to the web EVERY WEEK! Will you do something? Visit our site at www.tmwuk.org and start fighting for justice.

We have a new website coming

Check out our partner non for profit in Cambodia www.iriscambodia.org We are needing 400 world changers to pledge $20 or £20 a month to help support our 'Boys Day Centre' for those abused sexually by pedophiles! Check out the site and consider partnering…Read More


Saturday November 3rd we are launching our website! You can get all the a latest news on child prostitution, get involved, come on team, do an epic fundraiser to include: Climb Kilimanjaro, cycle Sir Lanka or Cuba or London to Paris or even Nairobi to…Read More

Dear Justice Fighter

Dear Justice Fighter We are looking for representatives to fight on our behalf & raise awareness in their local area and with friends wherever you go! Every 2 minutes a child is forced into the sex industry & we believe that with help from you we…Read More

We are Married!!!!

We are very excited to inform you that TMW has now joined forces wit Iris Ministries Cambodia, so now we have double the impact! This also means that any giving from the UK & US is now tax deductible.....We think this is EPIC :) and we know this makes you…Read More

New giving 'Link' So now you can support monthly anywhere in the world!!

Our friends at The Sanctuary have set up a 'Partnering' link whilst our website is Re-Designed. We are launching a new easier to use site with more info so you can really get involved & be part of the solution to stopping the prostitution of children. Why…Read More

The Chocolate Challenge

Dear Friend Could you sacrifice 1 chocolate bar a day? If yes, could you give less than that...only 50p a day? We are building a Boys Trauma center for Boys who are rescued from pedophiles. We are looking for people like you to give £15 a month to support the…Read More
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