Billy the Kid Tour Dates

Order your copy of Billy the Kid "The Lost Cause" at: or purchase a digital download from iTunes: For the next few weeks, Billy the Kid will be the iTunes Indie Spotlight. Check it out…Read More

Billy the Kid Canadian Tour w/ Raine Maida (Our Lady Peace)

March 10 - Victoria - McPherson Playhouse w/ Raine Maida March 11 - Vancouver - Commodore Ballroom w/ Raine Maida March 13 - Calgary - MacEwan Ballroom w/ Raine Maida March 14 - Edmonton - Starlite Room w/ Raine Maida March 15 - Edmonton - Starlite Room…Read More

Let's See What We Can Do!

Active recruitment in the field! You can add 20 new people to the Lost Cause per day. Currently, we have 128 members as of 11:52 on Monday, December 3rd. Let's see what we can do! The Lost Cause is all about making our lives more awesome, and in turn,…Read More

Jesse Got A Lost Tattoo :)

Jesse got the LOST! Heart in Box over his heart...isn't that amazing :)


To all of those who are already Lost, thanks for supporting the Lost Cause. And to those of you spreading the word and preaching the gospel of what it means to be LOST, Thank You and keep up the good work! Now let's get them to change the definition in the…Read More
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