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Kristine Kelly just posted a link to your cause, The Kris Kelly Foundation ( Please vote for HOPE FOR PAWS...they will give a portion of the money won to The Kris Kelly takes one minute to…Read More

Please vote for HOPE FOR PAWS

 Hi everyone, Please vote for HOPE FOR PAWS...they will give the Kris Kelly Foundation $8,000.00 if they win. The animals need help...HOPE FOR PAWS is the only animal group that is in the running. Please help! It will only take a minute!   Kristine…Read More

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Hello everybody, We all know the amazing work Kris is doing to save so many animals in L.A, and so I offered to give her $8,000 if my organization wins a facebook competition. All I need is 10 seconds of your time. I need you to click here and…Read More

Please vote for PASSION FOR PAWS

They will donate $8,000.00 to The Kri s Kelly Foundation Eldad works tirelessly to help the animals...please just take a moment and click the link and vote for Passion for…Read More