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Thank You all for your support...


Our cause has 1798 members now! Lets keep Spreading the word... -Paul

Cause/Group page

There are 1753 of you members in our cause page and only 242 members in our Group page. We are still trying to find a way to combine the pages. Until then, could you please join the group page so that we can keep you posted on upcoming events etc. Thank…Read More


I was just checking our numbers and realized that we are about to surpass the 1200 mark. A year ago when I first started this page I was hoping to get a hundred people to join and show their support for what we are trying to accomplish. Now here we are about…Read More

Another yard sale.

Hi everyone, the Abbot Days committee has asked the JD Foundation to help them by having another yard sale on July 26th. We have agreed to do a scaled down version of the one we did on Memorial Day. This most likely will be just a one day sale. We will have…Read More

Yard sale

Just wanted to let everyone know how the yard sale went this past weekend. We raised $10,028.50 from all your donated items. This was at least double what we had hoped to do. The money will go to a scholarship at our local high school, to help a family who…Read More

850 and counting.

One by one we get closer to the goal of a 1000. I think that four digit numbers just sound better then three digit numbers, don't you all agree? So what can we do to reach this impressive number? We can all try to sign up just one more person to start with…Read More
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