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Action Alert!

The BLM is proposing a roundup of wild horses in the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range. http://bit.ly/pbcoKe Help us protect Cloud and his herd by sending comments as outlined in the notice. Thank you in advance for all your help!

BREAKING NEWS: BLM to Sterilize Wild Horse Herds in WY

http://t.co/BDNI9YM We encourage everyone to call their Congressional representative and senators urging them to take action against this heinous decision the BLM reached this week. Sterilization (including the vastly dangerous act of spaying wild mares) was…Read More

Fundraising Auction

Help us fund our legal battle to protect Cloud, his herd, and mustangs still roaming free in the American West by participating in our online auction (http://thecloudfoundation.org/index.php/online-store/the-cloud-foundation-auction?task=listItems). Funds…Read More

Benefit Auction

Announcing the opening of the latest Cloud auction! There's some truly great stuff up for bid - check it out! http://bit.ly/jhGA5r (http://bit.ly/jhGA5r)  

Mustangs - National Geographic Magazine - Please Encourage Others to Read This Article

http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2009/02/wild-horses/fuller-text The National Geographic Magazine feature article for February 2009 examines in detail the plight of our wild horses, including Cloud's Pryor Mountain herd. Although the article paints a…Read More
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