Support Our Most Vulnerable LGBT Youth!

The holiday season will be a tough one for many LGBT youth-whether it is at home with a family that may not accept them or out on the streets with no home in sight. These young people are among the most vulnerable members of our community. Suffering from…Read More

Celebrate Pride 2010

Happy Pride Month! Show your pride by supporting the Center’s life-affirming programs. Start your pride weekend on Friday evening with a free screening of short films presented by Lesbian Cinema Arts. While you're here check out our summer art exhibitions…Read More

Cocktails with the Real World Cast at the Center

RSVP IS REQUIRED on the Center's website at Getting Real at the Center...Again! The Center is happy to welcome back Center Member and former intern JD Ordonez. JD spent three months interning at the…Read More

Watch "Real World" Featuring the Center at the NYC Launch Party on Wed., Feb. 11!

Meet Katelynn, Scott, and Baya from "Real World: Brooklyn" and watch the Center's first appearance on the show! RSVP now at Getting Real at the Center "Real World" Featuring the Center: NYC Launch…Read More

Fight Back Against Prop 8!

The holidays have always been a time when our community has gathered together at the The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Community Center to celebrate with one another. In light of the recent blow of Proposition 8, and other ballot initiatives, it is…Read More

We've Set a New Goal!

We Have Reached Our Goal And Are Reaching Even Further! In just 48 hours we achieved our initial goal of $1000. As the friends of our cause, "The Center Needs YOU Now More Than Ever," rapidly grows, we can be confident that we can reach a second goal of $1000…Read More
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