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Today and Tomorrow - Double Your Impact!

Friends, For today and tomorrow, your investment (up to $1000!) in our Global Entrepreneur Academy will be matched by one of our generous board members! Please, tell your friends about this amazing opportunity. Head here to make your investment in business…Read More

Poverty is Not a Permanent Situation - Graduation Keynote from Pastor Eric Musee

We have seen the mzungu, the white skin, and Africans put out their hands. It is time to think differently. Poverty is not a permanent situation. Once someone realizes that, they start creating strategies for walking out of poverty. Those who work with the…Read More

Colorado Gives Day - Give Where You Live!

The 1010 Project is pleased to participate in Colorado Gives Day 2012. Help us reach our target of $5000 on Tuesday, December 4th! Your gift provides business education and seed capital to community leaders in Kenya. We woke up to the first donations this…Read More

Shop for a Cause Returns: Nov. 30-Dec. 1

Hello friends! Shop for a Cause Holiday Gift Market is back and better than ever, with a new larger space, more vendors, and more opportunities to learn about great organizations - and of course buy awesome gifts! Full details about this year's Shop for a…Read More

Mile #7: Alice’s IGA and LiveWorldly

What's an IGA, you ask? An Income Generating Activity. Additional Revenue Source. Perhaps most easily understood simply as a "small business." As you probably know, these IGAs are a big part of The 1010 Project's strategy for encouraging our partners to be…Read More

Mile #6: Contagious Conversations with Alice at Candlelight

Brenna and I were "handed off" to Alice Afwai today. We will be staying with her until Thursday. Her husband, Pastor Fred, is the co-founder of The 1010 Project and when I was here last summer getting the "founding tour" Andrew and I had the privilege of…Read More

Mile #5: When You’re Happy and You Know it…

Today was a long, full, and beautiful day of worship at Redeemed Gospel Church. Pastor Brown and I left their home with our bellies full of a "cocoa-y Cream-of-Wheat-like-porridge" just after 6:30 am to arrive at their church for a day filled with different…Read More
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