Teach Peace May 15 @ The YOGURT SHACK!

Hey All, We're having a fundraiser this Friday (May 15) from 4-7 pm at the YOGURT SHACK in Davis, California. For more information, please visit the event page I created: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=70536974566&ref=mf Half of the funds…Read More

Quick Note: 2 minutes to read and mull over!

Hey all, I have a small request of you! If you could take a couple of minutes to rack your brains for songs that are related to peace, freedom, etc. I would greatly appreciate it!!! We're already beginning to plan our Annual Evening of Peace and we hope to…Read More

Volunteer Opportunities & Peace Quotes (Takes 3 seconds).

Hey All, I posted three discussion boards, two of which are volunteer opportunities/possibilities with Teach Peace and one that is simply a request for you to "comment" your favorite peace quote on the Peace Quote Discussion Board. Thank you so much! Katie

Quick Update!

Thank you for joining :-)! I will be sending out information regarding fundraisers and a list of local Teach Peace supporters within the next month--the first of which will be at the Yogurt Shack. Please feel free to check out all the old announcements, and…Read More

Invite friends to Teach Peace! & Just a quick Announcement!

Hey All, I hope this is not getting redundant--it may be :-)--but its super important to invite people to this facebook group. Within the next month or two, I will be sending out invitations and/or notifications about fundraisers for Teach Peace. They will…Read More


Hey Everyone-- I just wanted to make sure you knew that the actual foundation (Teach Peace) has an actual website... www.teachpeace.com. There are some incredible resources there--including for research papers! Also, they have a "store" in which you can…Read More

Advocacy!!!! Please read :-)

Hey Everyone-- Thank you so much for joining the Teach Peace facebook. I created this facebook as a way to spread the word about the good that Teach Peace is doing locally, nationally, and globally. Please invite as many friends as you can or anyone that you…Read More
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