A head injury led to suicide 24 years later.

I have just published the story of Chris as told by his mother Joanna, who is heartbroken at the death of her 31 year old son in 2008. She feels responsible for not being able to help him in his desperation. She is not of course. It is the system that…Read More

The Global Cancer Summit, an unexpected opportunity.

The Testicle Tour of Ireland, taking in the Global Cancer Summit Share Yesterday at 05:33 | Edit note | Delete As you know, I am on a mission regarding awareness of Testosterone Deficiency, as well as Cancer. Some may say I am obsessed! I have to say, as it…Read More


To everyone who has responded and helped this cause get to 100 members, my grateful thanks. According to the stats, I am responsible for about half that total, so to those who have helped, by making their friends aware and encouraging them to sign up, many…Read More

Testosterone Deficiency Guidelines Comparison....Who is right?

Testosterone Deficiency (Hypogonadism) Guidelines are in place for men in the USA and, since 2008, Europe. Very few doctors know of their existence. American: http://www.aace.com/pub/pdf/guidelines/hypogonadism.pdf Europe:…Read More

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