12 in 2012: Awareness Challenge

Impressive stuff! The T2M Cause page has only been in existence a little over 12 hours and we're already at 100 supporters. Your mission, should you choose to accept it ;-) , is to invite 12 friends to join the Cause. Have PTSD? Know someone with the…Read More

Let's show our support by making it to 1,000 supporters

The Talking2Minds Causes page was set up just 6 days ago and together, we are now a group of 860 supporters. That's testamount to both how many are affected by PTSD, and to your hard work raising awareness by inviting others to join. So here's our challenge…Read More

Congratulations! With your help, we reached 1,000 supporters in less than 7 days!

Talking2Minds would like to formally thank you all for your efforts in promoting this Cause, and to congratulate you on your success - thanks to you, we achieved our goal of 1,000 supporters in less than 7 days! In fact, the number is still…Read More

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