Way to go AZ!!!

Here it is plain and simple....It is the responsibility of all states to maintain the safety and well being of all its citizenry…if the Federal Government will not do it, then it is up to the states to set precedence and provide that safety and well being…I…Read More

They say that we are inept....

Yesterday the so called "great" Governor of PA stated that the Tea Party movement is inept and not a real political threat because we are not organized and our ability to truely put up any type of front is diminished by that fact. He basically told us to put…Read More

Nothing Gained and Freedom Lost!

We the people just stood witness to a grave loss in freedon yesterday. The only thing that really took place yesterday was the sound of tearing that was our Constitution and right to choose our own path. They will continue until it is shreaded and discarded…Read More

Hipocracy Strikes Once More...

On Yahoo News Today... Attack ad against health bill uses Democrat's young daughters! As the House gears up for this weekend’s dramatic vote on health reform legislation, Democrats are taking flak from all sides. In southern Ohio, opponents of the bill have…Read More

Don't allow yourself to be part of the PC crowd, be an individual!

The reason Political Correctness and multiculturalism exists in the US today is because we are to lazy to hold others to what it once meant to be an American! John Richardson

What are you prepared to do?

 Over the last several months, a battle of mega proportion has been waged; one that affects all of us and is so deep in its effect that it touches all aspects of life. This battle is being waged over a proposed government controlled Health Care plan, but this…Read More

Government Racketeering ....

Once again we are faced with an obvious abuse of elected power, according to Yahoo news and the Associated Press, Massachusetts (D) Governor Deval Patrick has instructed his state employees not to stay or do business with Hyatt Hotels. This decision and…Read More
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