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Autism Awareness month & new Facebook page

Hi everyone! April is Autism Awareness month. TACA will be featuring weekly new videos and tips for families living with autism. We will also provide ways for our community to help families living with autism and important facts. These features will kick…Read More

Jacks Fifth Show is coming up in Irvine CA on September 18!

This is a special event featuring amazing bands - please see www.931jackfm.com for details! TACA will be featuring VIP Pit tickets for the fifth year. Stay tuned for announcements.

TIME SENSITIVE! And we aren't asking for money...

IMPORTANT - The future of America is affected by you clicking the link and voting: http://apps.facebook.com/chasecommunitygiving/charities/270048002-talk-about-curing-autism 1 in 91 kids are autistic. This affects our economy, insurance costs, education,…Read More


2 minutes out of an entire day is not a lot of time. Could you spare those 2 minutes for autism? Help TACA help more people by voting for us: http://apps.facebook.com/chasecommunitygiving/charities/270048002-talk-about-curing-autism These much needed…Read More

A simple way to HELP TACA with The Chase Give Back Campaign!

HI everyone! We so appreciate your support to help TACA and the families we serve! Boy do we have an EASY WAY TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! TACA is adding 500 families a month to our membership. The 12 programs we provide and families we serve is all done for FREE!…Read More

TACA's7th Annual Family picnic is only 11 days away!

Join your TACA Friends at the 7th Annual family picnic! This is one of the largest family events in Southern California. We have attendees coming from five states to join in on all the fun. The event is sponsored and presented by Trace 3 (thanks Trace…Read More

April Autism Awarenes month is done - but help is still needed!

1) Participating in our Family & Friends campaign now until June 30 http://www.talkaboutcuringautism.org/family-friends/2010/family-friends-2010.htm This campaign is a simple way to promote autism awareness and raise much needed funds for TACA. Families…Read More
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