Mothers Day

I wish all of our members that are Mothers or filling the role as a mother a very happy Mothers Day! Russell

What do you think?

Is the crap about to hit the fan? Or is it hitting the fan now? With so many major problems that the U.S. is facing here and abroad, what do you think?


Is it just me or does it really seem like everyday the world is getting more and more chaotic. We are in some very bad times now. I hate to say it, but it is going to get worse. This is not about being Democrat or Republican anymore. This is about being an…Read More

Fema & Walmart are big buddies

Hello members, A while back Walmart advised Fema that they could use all the Walmart locations for the so called "flu epidemic". The National Guard and Fema would be set up at Walmarts across the nation to give shots and whatever else I am sure they "deemed…Read More

Breaking news - Mcdonalds now serves new five dollar presidential Mcbama Burger

That's right fellow Americans, the new Mcbama Burger. It will be on the menu until November 2012. Recent purchasers of the new Mcbama Burger state that they received no change, the burger appeared to be put together very sloppily, smelled rotten and left a…Read More

911 call

What is this world coming to? My house was burning down last night. I called 911. This Indian answers and says. "Thank you for call 911 this is Aashish. How may I direct call." I said my house is burning down. He said "would you like economy or speedy…Read More

Let's not forget 9/11

Hello members, I want to remind all of you to use this Saturday 9/11 as a reminder to reflect back and remember what a difference one day can make in the lives of all Americans. The U.S. has not been the same ever since. Like I said in my previous bulletin…Read More
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