David's sister is not a bone marrow match for David which leaves him with only one other option for a cure. He is going to undergo immunosuppressive therapy in Madison for a week barring complications. I would still appreciate it if people would spread the…Read More

Final Decision and More (READ THIS!!!)

David definitely has severe Aplastic Anemia. He has been given permission to leave the hospital, which will take place tomorrow, and is going to return to his home. His condition is very serious, and the complications continue to grow. He is not allowed to…Read More

Almost Finalized

It's a very good chance David is suffering from Aplastic Anemia. I encourage everyone to research this. He needs a bone marrow transplant, and could possibly be hospitalized for months or longer in this case. There is still some chance of leukemia or other…Read More

you all rock

keep this shit up, just to give a couple of ideas that might help recruit more people: text people on your cells Put little fliers up at school or posters if your ambitious write letters to people thats what i got for now, but lets be creative. theres about…Read More
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