For A Limited Time: Your Donation Brings More

As some of you may have read, the ASNE Foundation — under which Sunshine Week operates — is ending its endowment campaign at the end of 2009. The nationwide recession and other economies specific to the newspaper industry worked against our best efforts to…Read More

Prize Winners

Two big winners this week for outstanding open govt. work by newspapers: Today, Mark Mahoney of the of The Post-Star, Glens Falls, N.Y., won a Pulitzer for editorial writing "for his relentless, down-to-earth editorials on the perils of local government…Read More

Sun Spots

The first bits of the Sunshine Week 2009 gallery have been posted to -- lots and lots more to come.

Sunshine Week 2009 Survey of State Govt. Info. Online

The Sunshine Week 2009 Survey of State Government Information Online found that while more and more government records are being posted online, some of the most important information is being left offline. And in some cases governments are charging taxpayers…Read More

Sunshine Week Poll Finds Public Still Concerned About Secrecy

For the first time in four years, public opinion about government secrecy has leveled off, although more than seven in 10 adults still consider the federal government to be secretive, according to the 2009 Sunshine Week survey by Scripps Howard News Service…Read More

Cool Stuff for Sunshine Week 2009

The Sunshine Week 2009 Toolkit is being updated just about every day. Everything in there is free to any participant to use during Sunshine Week 2009, March 15-21. Offerings include: Opinion columns: Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) discusses recent Freedom of…Read More

Sunshine Week's Free Toolkit

As we near Sunshine Week 2009, March 15-21, I just wanted to reach out to make sure everyone knows about the free materials available to participants -- and where to find them. We have some Sunshine Week toolkit materials available now on the Web site…Read More
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