20,000 members! Thank you

We've got over 20,000 members now, thanks to everyone for their support. A couple things everyone can do to help, and take action: - Recruit your friends! get everyone involved. - The White House has said the public option may not be in the bill any longer.…Read More

Woooo! 15,000 members and rising - Thanks!

Thanks everyone for supporting this cause. Let's keep it going. DONT LET THE WHITE HOUSE DISCOURAGE YOU! WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE! Keep asking your friends to join the cause, and become informed about the plan that's in Congress, then contact your rep and…Read More

More support to "kill the bill"... please help increase our voice!

There are 2 other substantially sized STOP Healthcare causes here on facebook, and I ask that you all make an effort to join these as well so it will continue to increase our voice against this bill. Here are the…Read More

10,000 members - Thank you!

Thank you to everyone that helped push this cause to 10,000 members! Let's keep it rolling: invite your friends and let's make our voice heard in DC! Thanks again everyone!

Contact your Senators! Tell them to vote NO on Universal Healthcare!

The universal healthcare bill needs to be stopped! If you haven't contacted your senator yet, please do! You can find their contact info here: http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm Most importantly, let's get those Blue Dog…Read More

1,000 Members! Thank you...

The "STOP Universal Healthcare" cause has now reached over 1,000 members! Thank you to all who have supported the cause and invited friends to join as well. Let's keep this cause moving - try to invite more friends, get the word out! let's try and make a…Read More
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