To Much Muslim

Someone brought it to my attention that there has been to much Muslim promotion Religions of The World Stop Hating Each Other. First it would be good to know if others agree with this statement or not. Second try to come up with a reason why there has been…Read More

Bad Administration

A year ago I had been very active in this cause. I was telling everyone about it and posting new things to think about and learning about how these causes work. After school started I got behind in this cause and sort of gave it up. I feel that it was a big…Read More

My personal experience.

Hey everybody, It has been awhile since I've sent out any e mail regarding this phenomenal purpose of religions coexisting by not only working together as groups but as individuals breathing in a strenuous effort to promote the lives of all of us willing to…Read More

any ideas

Are you good at organizing events, conducting research, or a creative thinker that can help spread the word. If you have any ideas to help the cause you should e mail me on facebook or [email protected]


Watch the documentary Religulous and respond on the discussion board. Keep an open Mind

get your story out

Tanya Wiggill Tanya Wiggill wrote at 7:21am on April 2nd, 2009 I am currently working on a project now, been busy with it for only a year now. I am writing a book about Religious Discrimination, and if there are any people who would like to tell me their…Read More

battle of the religions

Some people have gotten fired up about this cause and what the purpose is and have said some very cruel and hurtful things that could offend people. i have created a debate discussion and would enjoy for people to debate their views and would encourage you to…Read More
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