Lady Gaga

Sets such a fine example of enlightened rationality and "soul freedom" that she should be extolled as a courageous persecuted genius ala Spinoza, Galileo and Darwin. (30% people answered this) Promotes self-esteem and creativity and should be encouraged.…Read More

Hands Off Innocent Dogs! Libre por los Peros!

Mexican government tried to coverup shoddy enforcement by blaming the dogs...please also help stop the censorship of my influenza education work ...and the petition drive is starting to work at…Read More

Free People in a Free Tibet

How many journalists have been killed worldwide since 1992?

Build a public health approach to address gun violence!

Gun violence is the meanest censorship. And the NRA censors any criticism. Please sign the petition and follow up at the White House.Gov site linked for a "Double Whammy!" All we ask is that the mind of public health rather than the BATF militarism be the…Read More

Stop Tuberculosis promote awareness among vulnerable populations!

Please help me push back against the censorship of my public health education work...there is finally some word of a thaw...I will update you later but for now could REALLY use the support. - Geof…Read More

Polio Aid Workers Shot Down By Mujahadin - Again!

Good news: Malala Yousufzai, 15, shot for going to school, has been released from the hospital! We started this group with a concern about religious extremists harming artistic expression, then protected the "Pussy Riot" Russian dissidents against the…Read More
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