Speech on Terrorism in Canada by Muhammad Robert Heft

Speech on Radicalization in Canada by Muhammad Robert Heft https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngFFC0y6vZw&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Canadian International Council Sept. 11 2013 Muhammad Heft addresses Radicalization with a Panel

An unfortunate fact that America should think about?

Dear Members please take a look at the video of General Wesley Clark ten days after Sept. 11th talking about America's plans to invade several Arab Countries http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSNyPS0fXpU&feature=share Thanks Admin

Please help us reach 20,000 Members

Dear Members I would like to thank everyone for joining this great cause. Every little effort will not be wasted God-willing. Please help spread this balanced message to your friends and family and pray for peace in the World. All the best Peace Muhammad…Read More

C.S.I.S. and The R.C.M.P.

Dear Members Asalaam alaikum Topic: C.S.I.S. and The R.C.M.P. in reference to the Muslims Community "What is the real story" Thursday Deember 16 at 8:15pm at the Markham Masjid (ISM) Guest Speaker: Muhammad Robert Heft Talking points "The Toronto 18,…Read More

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We need to root out Terroism and it's causes

We need 1,000,000 People to Join !!!!

Dear Members Please invite your friends to join and show an unified voice against all forms of Terrorism in the World. Thanks Admin
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