Update on Kellogg Petitions

We have enough signatures for both the Recall and the initiative Petitions. However, we are not at our deadline yet, and are continuing to gather signatures so that we have a "Safety Buffer" for any that are rejected. If you are a registered Kellogg voter and…Read More

Initiative Petition has been served

Thanks to some hard work from some awesome volunteer's, the INITIATIVE PETITION HAS BEEN SERVED! The People of Kellogg will finally get a voice on where they want the Memorial and what flag will be flying over it. Thanks to all who signed it, and we will be…Read More

Recall "Open House"

We are going full steam ahead with the Recall. Everything is looking good. Wednesday, June 30, we will be holding a Recall Petition "Open House" at Memorial Hall (Steelworkers Building) in Kellogg. Volunteers will be standing by all day, Kellogg residents can…Read More

Recall Petition Approved!

The Recall Petition has been approved! We picked it up today from the City Clerks office. From that time, we have 75 days to collect signatures from at least 20% of the Registered Kellogg Voters. We have a long hard road yet ahead of us and can use all the…Read More

City Council withdraws offer to negotiate

Mayor Pooler suggested to the Council that they now let the People of Kellogg decide where to put the Plaque and Flagpoles. This request was rejected by the Council saying that if the people want the plaque moved, they will have to Recall this Council and…Read More

Public Forum

Its easy to click "Like" on this page to become a Facebook supporter, but the only way to get our American flag and memorial back is by making our voices heard. Tomorrow, Friday June 4th at 6 pm at Memorial Hall is your chance. If you live out of town, please…Read More

Public Forum

A Public Forum has been set for Friday, June 4 at 6:00 p.m. at the Memorial Hall (Steelworkers building) in Kellogg. All are invited to attend to get any questions you have finally answered. Lee Haynes and Casey Duncan will be there and Members of the City…Read More
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