Please Share Your HOA Horror Stories

We need to express our dissatisfaction with unaccountable HOAs and their fleecing of our bank accounts and their contributing to the decline of the housing market!

Financial Abuse of the Elderly

http://www.exploitationelderly.com/ HOAs are definitely included as one of the worst offenders!

It's Long Overdue...

"Jehovah’s Witnesses Say #1: “Keep Records on Your Neighbors”

JWs are worse than HOAs (Homeowners Associations). The only difference is that the Watchtower cannot lien and foreclose your home for nonpayment of JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES "assessments"…Read More

Arizona Court Protection of CAI Member Attorneys

Please Add Friends and Enemies to Oppose HOA Fascism in America

Do we really want to continue living in HOA Fascist Subdivisions where we must pay everything that is demanded without verifiable accountability from the (usually) self-appointed HOA Board and (in most cases) HOA Management Companies??
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