Happy 2010

Well the New year is here and lets see the numbers we can reach with our cause .. I hope that in this year you find love , happiness, and maybe acceptance from one person you have tried to maintain a freindship with , a parent , or any one tht matters to you…Read More

Just a note for you all

Iam leaving face book however I am putting my daughter as the administrator .. I will still be more then Happy to keep my posts coming and hope that this group reaches the numbers we hope for .. I amy come back on in some time but for now I need to take a…Read More

Merry Chistmas

I want to take the time to wish you all love and joy and happiness this holiday season , may one more person accept and love you for who you are , may in the New year people will open there eyes to human kindness , May all yoru dreams be filled with love and…Read More


With the Holidays fast appraoching us I would like to wish You all the best this Holiday season and may the New year bring you all the joy and love you so deserve. This is a time for peace and love and HOPE and without our dreams we have nothing , and that is…Read More

My Apologies

I am very sorry if I have offended any member that has joined this cause by non intentionally insuating that this is a choice life style , when I know in my heart and soul that is not the case what so ever. I know that you were all born this way its genetics…Read More

We are growing

I am so amazed but the love that is out there for this cause .. Your support for my self my son and all of you whom have joined is wonderful .. I must admit when I started this cause I didn't think it would reach the level it has or touched everyone in…Read More

Today ...

Each day I come and read the posts and responses to my bullentins , and I must say thank you to each of you for the honesty the campassion the tears and the fight you each have in you. There are stories posted here that bring tears to my eyes , and ones that…Read More
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