SPECIAL EDITION - 2014 CHALLENGE 300 300 People Donating ANY Amount by Year End Will Win Sea Save a $20,000 Donation We must show that enough people care about what we do. Do you care enough to donate $15.00? The…Read More

Sea Save Foundation Online Auction Fundraiser Ends Tuesday Dec 16th

Sea Save Foundation launched their annual online auction last week. This is the fourth year for this high-profile fundraiser, which features close to 50 experiences in the Caribbean, the Galapagos, Indonesia, Fiji,…Read More

Cebu Pacific Airlines Bans Shark Fin Transport - What does this mean for Sharks?

The Philippines' largest air transportation company, Cebu Pacific Air, has announced that it is banning shark fin cargo and will no longer serve shark fin soup in-flight. Take a "deeper" look here to see why the company decided to implement this change, and…Read More

Cebu Airlines Joins the Fight in Banning the Shipment of Shark Fins!

Philippine airline, Cebu Pacific Air, has joined the fight against shark finning by banning the shipment of shark fins aboard their planes. Following the suit of Singapore Airlines, Cebu Air released an official statement on Wednesday stating that effective…Read More

Singapore Airlines BANS Shark Fin Shipments!

Asia has long been known as a hotbed for the exotic animal trade but has received global infamy for it’s role in the rise and support of the shark fin industry. Shark fin soup has been considered a delicacy in Asia since ancient times and even in the present…Read More

Help Stop Singapore Airlines from Shipping Shark Fins

Singapore Airlines is among the largest airlines in the world and makes daily flights to major Asian cities such as Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bangkok, Manila, Singapore, and many large cities in China. The inhabitants in these areas make up the…Read More

California Judge upholds Shark Fin Ban

Every year, millions of sharks are killed for their fins in order to supply the Shark Fin Soup demand. Shark Fin Soup is considered a delicacy in many Asian countries and even in Asian communities within the U.S. Because of the high demand for Shark Fin…Read More
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