Hi to all members old and new we have 1,836 members in this cause please spread the word, post details on your profile and invite your friends so that we can increase our numbers thanks and best, Judith

Please use this link to help save a little girl from suffering This link won't fit in this space to let me underline it for you to click on, can you please copy and paste the link above in your browser and please sign this important petition sorry the link…Read More

Please read this and help save a little girl from suffering

Linda May Kallestein tells us that A little girl in Germany is at risk at having her genitals cut off (fgm) and the German authorities are doing nothing to prevent it. In fact, they are actually doing the opposite and their lack of action might be the very…Read More

1,302 members!

Hi everyone, we've reached a total of 1,302 members as I write, that's fantastic Please take a moment to post this cause to your profile and to invite your friends to join Thanks everyone for joining and for all you do all best judith
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