KABATAAN Online Campaign: Directory, Hashtags and KABATAAN TV

Greetings KABATAAN Online Members! It's only been a week since we launched our 2010 online campaign, and we've already made some leaps and bounds! Our Facebook fan page grew from 10,295 on Feb.8 to 11,833 on Feb.15! Our website also registered its highest…Read More

An Invitation to a Simple Dinner

Congratulations to All...

...who participated in the Peoples' SONAs nationwide and even in the U.S & Canada. We certainly delivered our message: we will not tolerate another year of Gloria Arroyo. Yet it should be clear to us that in her SONA, Arroyo has not declared that she…Read More

See you on June 10!

Hi! Thanks for joining Stop Cha-cha. Please mark June 10, Wed. Various groups are coming together to express outrage over the passing of the Con-Ass and to stop Cha-cha. Cha-cha will mean the following: 1. Arroyo forever - they can extend the of the…Read More
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