Please joined our newly formed community page group Anti-Bullying Group of North Florida

Please join our new FB community page. We will be updating this page.

This page is easy to find and easier to use, so please join this page to keep up with what is happening.. I lot will be going on in the coming weeks... We have some things happening behind the scenes and you would not believe the things that are going on ..…Read More

Notifying the School about your Child being bullied

If your child tells you he is being bullied and you tell him to ignore them. YOU ARE NOT DOING ENOUGH. If you call the school and they tell you they will take care of it. YOU ARE NOT DOING ENOUGH If you make an appointment with the principal and tell them…Read More

We have help from the "National Bullying Prevention Center

Please go to their website. There is a lot of great information and available resources.

Please Join the Facebook Community Page with the same name.

Our facebook community page with the same name "Stop the bullying at Callahan Middle School" is active and we would like you to join that site. It is much easier to navigate and is still a part of…Read More

I hope we can make a change in our community.

It's my hope that something good has (and will) come out of the attack on the 13 year-old-student at CMS in April of 2012. This seems to be the wake up call that was needed for me , parents and public officials to see we as a community have a problem going on…Read More

Update from Nassau County School Board Member

My friend Ms. Pendelton has been tirelessly writing to people about the situation at Callahan Middle School. She got this response from a Nassau County School Board Member. Thank you Teri! Ms. Pendleton, I wanted to follow up and let you know what is…Read More
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