Letter from the Bridge

Sorry not related to the Bill.. but it's so beautiful, thought some of you with pets that have crossed over Rainbow Bridge might find some comfort from it xx Letter From The Bridge To my dearest family, some things I'd like to say, but first of all, to let…Read More

Recent Animal Issues/Alerts/News

Happy World Animal Day! See info below for more important links, ways to help animals in Canada!

Reminder- Please see the About section found here for more info, links, history and ways to help animals in Canada! http://www.causes.com/causes/8495-stop-animal-cruelty-in-canada-with-effective-legislation/about Todays Animal News/Links- Happy World Animal…Read More

Update! Please see how you can help stop animal cruelty in Canada!

Reminder! The fight for better animal cruelty/welfare laws in Canada continues! Please have your voice heard and sign Peggy Nash's Petition supporting Bill C-232! (Link at bottom of Pg) Petition-…Read More

Bill news! MP Peggy Nash has reintroduced former C-229, C-373 as C-232!

MP Peggy Nash has reintroduced a Bill based on C-229 as C-232 and had 1st reading, it's back in the House! I've emailed to ask her about presenting your Petitions based on C-229 as our petitions for C-373 were used for C-229 when the Bill # changed to that!…Read More

Please cont to show your support to help animals in Canada and recent animal news!

Reminder! Your support is still very much needed to help show our new Gov't that in Canada animals matter! We need federal laws to reflect the values Cdn's have been asking for with improvements to our animal welfare laws! Please go to last note on discussion…Read More

Please cont to show your support for effective animal cruelty legislation in Canada!

Please see many ways to help support effective animal cruelty legislation based on C-229 to show our Gov't that in Canada animals matter 2! Due 2 the election we'll once again be starting over w new Bill # but the messg remains the same.. 119 YRS W NO REAL…Read More
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