CRTC rejects Bell usage-based internet billing plan

CRTC to rule on UBB rates for smaller ISPs

CRTC will issue another ruling on how independent ISPs will pay for network use

UBB or not UBB, that’s not the only question

Canada's digital economy, and Canadians' Internet bills, are too important to be left in the hands of regulators alone.

Use-based billing could hurt economy: Clement

Industry Minister Tony Clement told a Commons committee Tuesday he isn't convinced usage-based billing would solve internet congestion. CRTC decision "is quite simply the wrong way to proceed, and inconsistent with good public…Read More

The Cause has reached 5,000 members

Who organizes this Cause: RackNine Inc, a company from Edmonton that provides Internet-related services. More about us at the following link: Why are we doing this: UBB not only affects us as consumers, but the main services our…Read More

We Won a Battle, but not the War, yet.

But not the War. Not yet. As you can read, "Regulator delays ruling by 60 days in wake of public backlash and Harper government’s ultimatum" So I guess that's another 60 days we keep the campaign going on. Some people are asking who is behind the…Read More


Hi everybody, Just a quick note to let you know that we have reached 1,000 people who support the "Oppose Canada's Metered Internet Billing (UBB)" Cause (1,091 at the time of writing, and growing by the minute) We're putting together a letter campaign on…Read More
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