Discrimination, Racism, Predjudice & Stereotypes

I am from a small town in Far Western NSW named Wilcannia. Recently it was pointed out to me that a 15 year old high school boy has created a fan site on Facebook called "Put your shoes back on, we're not in Wilcannia yet" and in retaliation another fan page…Read More

A Response - Edited

Earlier tonight I posted a response I received regarding compensation for the Stolen Generation. I failed to mention that this was not my own response but from a Man I asked the opinion of... I will repost his response: A Response re: Compensation for Stolen…Read More


THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE VERY UGLY, AS WELL AS THE IGNORANT AND THE MIS-EDUCATED. Check out these sights, some are informative, some are offensive, some are entertaining and some are just silly... This is AUSTRALIA :o) Stolen Generation…Read More
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