We have such an opportunity to help Peace Forum 2011 and our social union:

It asked people around the world. We can help conduct the forum of peace and the founding conference of social union. We need the money for that. It is clear to everyone. Each of us can provide financial assistance in two ways: to fund projects to mitigate…Read More

Support the 2011 World Forum for Peace in Odessa Ukraine

It doesn't cost any money...it takes too little time... Please help us resonate PEACE.

Have a wonderful weekend..,

May we help one another to multiply in great number through encouraging more friends to sign up and support us too... Big love to all!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

to help our cause

We can encourage the movement for peace and human rights, giving money or prizes, to assign a rank and position, to award commemorative medals or signs. But people should be able to do peacekeeping actions, his soul must be ready for this, his soul must be…Read More

"...Sharing, Caring, AND Daring, is ALL we really have to do..."- FVR (Fidel V. Ramos), former President of our Republic, The Philippines.

Let us please call our friends to action. SHARE...CARE...and most of all, DARE... We must try everything in good faith to serve Our Planet, our purpose. Love and Peace, Becca

Our efforts shall one day produce blessings of PEACE...and UNITY.

Aren't we lucky, that with the blessing of modern technology we no longer need to spend many days and hours in the fields to hunt for animal food or till our lands for crops...or walk miles to see family and friends...or travel on foot to make peace, or…Read More

Walk your talk...

‘Walk your talk’ is a proverb used by some North American Indians, meaning put your beliefs into actions. To ‘walk your talk’ is to get involved, be it through raising awareness, raising money or doing both at the same time. There are so many different ways…Read More
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