How YOU can help

The address further down this page is one of the headquarters of the charity that runs this cause, called Sderot Relief. We are currently asking people in Sderot how they want us to spend the money raised, so we will be able to tell you very shortly how…Read More

Sderot Relief

Dear All The past month or so has been a torrid time for everyone on both sides due to Operation Cast Lead. Southern Israel continued to bear a barrage of indiscriminate rockets launched by Hamas terrorists, while Israeli strikes on Hamas strongholds…Read More

Upcomming Events

Two events coming around soon are Tennis and Table-Tennis Tournaments. The Table Tennis tournament will hopefully take place on Wednesday 2nd January, whilst the Tennis Tournament will begin slightly later, as preparation time is needed and as it it is likely…Read More

Sweepstake Competition

There r still a few tickets for the sweepstake conpetition going remember one Rugby Ticket: £4 Cricket Ticket: £5 Both: £7 Winners prize: £15 Charity's Prize: £50 Pls snap them up quickly, as we plan on having the draw this Sunday - Shana Tova, loyal…Read More

The first Event

We r havin our first event! It is a competition, where the 20 teams peforming in the rugby world cup have been put into a hat, where they will them be picked from - you must pay £4 to 'buy' a team. If your team wins the rugby world cup, then you will receive…Read More
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