no leader, all leaders

Hey love spreaders! Are you spreading the Love today? Anybody has an idea to wake up this cause? Who want to become admin (all of you?) and wake up this beautifull but sleepy cause ? Love and space and spreadLove! to all

Hello dear spreadlovers, I had booked the domain name one year ago and it has soon t be renew Welcome to any ideas regarding the use of this domain name. This is a gift to the community ;) Love you all :)

spreadLove! reach soon 1000 members! And next?

Hi spreadLover, actually we approch the 1000 members on spreaLove (953 members today! and this is so cool :) It would be great to try to do something with such a gathering of positive energies no ? I have not a transcendant idea about this but I was thinking…Read More

AwareDance Festival

Welcome this week end to spread the Love IN the sacred and active volcano of Mont Batur, Bali to celebrate Love & space!

thank you to spread the love!

woah only 2 weeks that this cause exists and we are yet 110 members! Please sent a message to your friends in order to join! When we are 1000 we will ask ourselves what to do here... And I'm sure we will have some good ideas... I love you all :) t
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