invite friends and THANK U

Hi Everyone, I would like to say thank you for helping this group grow. Please help me more by trying to reach people who have not heard of it as our family and friends know and support us but we need to reach out and spread the word Duchenne to people who…Read More

ask your friends to join

 Please help me in my aim to spread awareness about Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy by asking all your friends on facebook to join. The more people know, the more closer we shall be in finding a cure and shall stop young children and young adults from dying.…Read More

need your help

Tesco has chosen the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign as their charity of the year thanks to Arvind. On Friday 25th and 26th September The musuclar Dystrophy Camapign needs Volunteers to collect donations at any Tesco, whether it is a superstore, express or metro…Read More

ask ur friends to join the group

please email ur friends to join this group to spread awareness about DMD. Arvind died young, just 13. By asking ur friends to join, u will help by spreading awareness. By spreading awareness we will be closer to a cure and STOP THESE YOUNG BOYS DYING YOUNG!!!

Help get 100 memebers

My target is to 100 members now and I need your help to do this so the group can grow and make a specific difference so we spread awareness.x


The group now has over 50 members. this is a real acheivement and thanks to everyone who has helped do this.x
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