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Moving forward!

Dear All, Although the SOS Elephants of Chad team continue to mourn the loss of Savi, and will do so for a long time to come, her passing has not detoured us from our goal to provide support for the country's vulnerable elephant population. Stephanie, along…Read More

Updates from Chad & Savi!

Stephanie is back in CHAD! Savi gained weight and we are getting organized to build our orphan place with guesthouses!! Also, the Chad team was in the national radio of Chad talking about elephants conservation. Things are on the rail and we are hopeful and…Read More

War against Poachers - Stephanie Vergniault

Bad news from Kenya , poachers killed several elephants in Ambroselli park ! Really sad about it ! This is a real war against poaching in the whole Africa! In Chad , it is the end of the dry season and I am very convinced poachers will start again very soon…Read More

SAVI Update Oct 2010

SAVI is more than all right! I am very happy about it! She is our SOS Elephants girl that we saved six months ago after her mom was killed by poachers. We were expecting a few more donors to assist us in the building of the baby elephant orphanage but…Read More

SOS Elephant Website!!!

We are getting very close to having our own website!!! A Thousand thanks to Meridith Rodgman!!!!! We will keep you posted once all is public!!


"We just lost our baby elephant called CHARI .I am so sorry for our supporters , for our team. Babies elephants are so fragile , this one had apparently an infection after days in the bush but our ability to save is getting better - every single drop of milk…Read More
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