Updates return!

Hello, all. While there haven't been many bulletins posted recently, expect that to change! Elections for Egypt's first post-revolution parliament are in full swing, and it's important that people continue to show support for the country's democratic…Read More

Egypt's electoral system

The electoral system is fairly complicated, but fortunately Jadaliyyah has posted an excellent article that helps to elucidate the process. Of special note is the fact that voting is occurring over three stages: 28 Nov, 14 Dec, and 3 Jan. Round two will…Read More

Delta politics

The second round of voting finished up today, fortunately with very few episodes of violence or electoral violations. Results will be posted soon. In the meantime, enjoy this photo essay about the electoral race in Mansoura, a Delta city far away from the…Read More

Round Two Election Updates

Here's a brief overview on where the country stands electorally after two rounds: Freedom and Justice (FJP): 144 seats (48.32% of seats) Al-Nour: 71 Seats (23.83%) Egyptian Bloc: 23 Seats (7.72%) Al-Wafd: 22 Seats (7.38%) There are several other parties…Read More

Parliament is in session

Today marks a momentous occasion in Egyptian history. After nearly one year since the start of the revolution, Egypt's newly-elected lower house house of parliament (maglis al-sh3b) met for the first time. The body's primary order of business will be…Read More

The journey has just begun...

Now, more than ever, we need to step up & support Egypt to help them fully realize democratic process and be a guiding light for other oppressed countries wanting to follow their lead. Your participation, encouragement & voice is welcome here. Please…Read More

Congratulations Egypt!

Egyptians respectably evicted a dictator, won freedom to create their future & a place in the hearts and imagination of the whole world. CONGRATULATIONS! The work is not over - we must support them through the process of realizing true democratic…Read More
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