UCU members vote to accept pension deal

UCU union members have voted by 64 percent to accept a deal in a long running dispute over pensions. It follows 14 days of strikes at over 60 universities against a plan to turn workers’ defined benefit scheme into a defined contribution one. UCU members…Read More

Read the Autumn 2016 edition of British Worker

The Autumn edition of British Worker, the paper of the Solidarity Trade Union, is now out. It's packed with news and features including: Fat Cats Getting Fatter David Cameron Looks After the Workers Theresa - Don't betray the British Worker Your rights:…Read More

Ukip and the (other) Tories isolated on doctors strike

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has misrepresented the case of junior doctors who went on strike this week portraying them as pursuing increased pay and pretending that he is offering an improved contract. No workforce rejects a package by 98 per cent (as…Read More

2016 employment law developments

National Living Wage The National Living Wage is being introduced in April 2016. This introduces a new higher rate under the National Minimum Wage (NMW) legislation for workers aged 25 and over. The initial National Living Wage rate is set at £7.20 per hour.…Read More

Corbyn is right on rail renationalisation

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is right to call for rail nationalisation says Pat Harrington, general secretary of Solidarity. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called for renationalisation as commuters received the annual unwanted Christmas present of higher train…Read More

Big rise in underemployment

Families all over our country are being thrown into poverty according to a report just released. A key cuase is underemployment. Underemployment means that people can't get the number of hours work they want so their income drops. Instead of full-time work…Read More

BP axe North Sea jobs

Oil giant BP axed 300 North Sea jobs this week. It shows that for big, transnational corporations workers are simply numbers on a balance sheet. Big business doesn't care about the 'small man' (or woman!). BP is a highly profitable organisation. BP made…Read More
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