Socialist Revolution Sexy Updates

Comrades, Firstly, I caught the short link as fast as I could, so we now officially have I think this will work well for recruiting for our cause. Secondly, I changed the beneficiary from the Democratic Socialists of America to…Read More

New Rule for the Board

No longer will reposts of entire articles be allowed on the main board for the cause. Articles currently pasted onto the board will be deleted. Either start a new discussion about an article or add it to the "posted items" section. Red Front Comrades, Blake…Read More

Recruitment Drive

Greetings Comrades, As you already know, the most important part of the fight for socialism today is awareness and education. It's time to spread knowledge about our struggle. Everyone is encouraged to invite all they know to the cause. Our goal is 2000…Read More

Good News!

As stupid as this may sound, Facebook has finally fixed their system for editing benificiaries. Now we don't have to deal with idiots who didn't read the description asking why we support Barack Obama. Rejoice!


As we've reached 1000 members the forum has become much more active and we've seen a lot of new productive discussion on the wall. Unfortunately, however, this also increases the risk of spamming and trolling. to keep this in check we need a couple more…Read More
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